Z ART Dance Company

Created by the choreographer Giovanni Zazzera, the Z Art Dance Company works to contribute to the development of artistic creation in the art of dance & choreography.

Supported Company of the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg, Z Art develops a work that explores diversity in dance, whether by its form, space or public involvement. Z Art places great importance on the human side in its artistic work, promoting artistic exchanges and collaborations which are an important part of the Company's identity.

Convinced that the movement is a human necessity, the multidisciplinary artistic approach of Giovanni Zazzera focuses on the trust of the body, guided through its inherent energy where images, motions, and emotions appear. Fascinated by the complexity of the human being, his work explores the identity and the authenticity of the movement through the poetic into the absurdity, social, emotional, and temporal topics, materializing it in space, times, and moments.

"In my work I'm constantly searching to strengthen an identity anchored by the essence of movement, oriented on the human and the living, thus nourishing a rich and complete subject, aiming at questions and current and timeless words."

Giovanni Zazzera
Choreographer & Artistic Director

About the Artist

Giovanni Zazzera

After his graduation from the Conservatory in Luxembourg, Giovanni continued his studies in Joinville (Brazil), where he was asked to work for various companies. He continued to deepen his experiences by carrying out various internships and trainings in Paris, New York and Tel Aviv. Since 2010, he has performed regularly on stage and worked on numerous projects in Luxembourg and abroad. In 2013, he was awarded the Luxembourg Dance Prize for his multiple commitments.

For several years, he has been creating his own pieces as a choreographer such as "NEGARE", "CREDERE", "(di)SPERARE", "CHUUUT(e)", "OUT OF RANGE", "UNTIL YOU FALL", "FLOWERS GROW EVEN IN THE SAND", "QUAND LE SILENCE PARLE", "SECRETS", and many more that have been shown at numerous national and international venues and festivals. Giovanni is working on different collaboration projects, creating diversity and mixity in his dance language.

As artistic director of the Z Art Dance Company Giovanni is working on new creations such as “MURMURES" & "LABYRINTH” - planned for the upcoming season 2024/25. Actively involved in the cultural field, he collaborates in and with various engagements and artists. His multidisciplinary artistic approach is focusing on the trust of the body, guided through its inherent energy where images, motions and emotions appear. Fascinated by the complexity of the human being, his work explores the identity and the authenticity of the movement through the poetic into the absurdity, social, emotional and temporal topics, materializing it in space, times, and moments

Giovanni's Projects


"There is much worse than believing only what you see: seeing only what you believe!"

Confronted with a society where information exceeds our daily lives and no longer differentiates the true from the false, belief is called into question. CREDERE involves three dancers who explore the meanders of beliefs, passing through states of construction and deconstruction, amplitude and decadence, the divine and the human. 

CREDERE is a choreographic Trio as a part of the "CREDERE Triptych" project that explores the intricacies of human beliefs

Youth Audience

CHUUUT(e) is a choreographic journey that passes through the real and the absurd, grandeur and decadence, evidence or ignorance, where the spectator will see himself projected beyond the fall in order to discover what which causes us to fall. Inseparable from our human condition, the experience of the fall is as essential as it is inevitable in everyone's life because it is both the beginnings and destiny.

Piece for young audiences: from 6 years old
Duration | 40 minutes


(di)SPERARE is a choreographic duo as a part of the "CREDERE Triptych" series of the projects that explore the intricacies of human beliefs. 

(di)SPERARE tastes the contagion of two bodies that allow themselves to be transported in a dialogue of concordance and oppositions, of extremes and excess, of connection and disconnection, of hopes and of despair, leading them to get lost and find each other to become aware of the invisible links that connect them. 

with the choreographer Saeed Hani

Diversity is everywhere, Whether object, place, action, or living being. Diversity is what differentiates one element from another similar element. Diversity does not only mean the variety of people and ways of life, but also the conscious handling of diversity in society. It is a sociopolitical concept that propagates an appreciative conscious and respectful handling of multiplicity and individuality.
OUT OF RANGE is a choreographic creation for 6 dancers created by Giovanni Zazzera & Saeed Hani

Duration | 55 minutes 


“Logic takes us from point A to point B, imagination takes us everywhere."
Albert Einstein

Flowers grow, even in the sand explores the power of the imagination and leads to release it in order to discover a journey where everything seems possible and to even see a flower grow in the sand.

Duration | 20 minutes


Immerse yourself for a short time in the discovery of a curious and atypical character who will transport you to his absurd and poetic universe where negation is confronted with convictions, thus creating in the opposition a journey of transformation and metamorphosis of bodies.

NEGARE is a choreographic solo as a part of the "CREDERE Triptych" series of the created by the choreographer Giovanni Zazzera and which was presented in preview as part of the Monodrama festival 2021.

with the choreographer Sergio Mel

This piece starts first with a question: "When silence speaks, what can he tell us?" The fact that silence sometimes leads to understanding what words can't say is a starting point to explore the realm of silence and invites you to discover it. When silence speaks is a duet that transcribed the universe of silence, its impact, and its importance to society. A creation of sharing that invites the public to explore and leads us to listen to these mysterious silences so that it can talk that can dance.


Do we know the real pleasure of falling? Behind this word are hidden multitudes of situations where letting oneself fall can give us satisfaction: falling in love, falling from the clouds, falling into decadence...
This piece projects the spectator into daily, societal, political, emotional, and above all human situations where falling seems obvious in a world that is becoming fragile and which could bring us down at any moment.
Until you fall is a choreographic piece for 5 dancers, created in 2019

Re V Ivre - Ensemble blanContact / with the choreographer Annick Pütz

"I am life that wants to live, surrounded by life that wants to live." - Albert Schweitzer
Re V Ivre - Spring, the first season, rebirth, the revival of natural processes - wood rebels from winter and reanimates itself. It's the rising energy, the intoxication of colors and emotions. Bringing together matter, sound and movement, this choreographic piece, performed by eight dancers, invites the spectator to discover individual forces and collective movements in a raw, overflowing bouquet.