All projects are available for touring.


CREDERE is a choreographic trio created by the choreographer Giovanni Zazzera as a part of a Triptych series of the "CREDERE/(di)SPERARE & NEGARE" project that explores the intricacies of human beliefs.

Confronted with a society where information exceeds our daily lives and no longer differentiates the true from the false, belief is called into question. CREDERE involves three dancers who explore the meanders of beliefs, passing through states of construction and deconstruction, amplitude and decadence, the divine and the human. CREDERE dives people on a journey that explores the different states of beliefs of human beings and sees the invisible to make it appear.

Duration | 45 min.
Audience | +16 (Nudity)


Part of a Triptych series NEGARE is a choreographic solo created by the choreo¬≠grapher Giovanni Zazzera. NEGARE explores the intricacies of human beliefs. 

NEGARE immerses us in the discovery of a curious and atypical character who will transport you to his absurd and poetic universe where negation is confronted with convictions, thus creating the opposition as a journey of transformation and metamorphosis of bodies.

Duration | 30 minutes
Audience | +8


(di)SPERARE is a choreographic duo created by Giovanni Zazzera as a part of a Triptych series of the "CREDERE" projects that explore the intricacies of human beliefs. 

An intense and powerful duet that explores the state of the body, linking the raw materials through a common contamination.  (di) SPERARE tastes the contagion of two bodies that allow themselves to be transported in a dialogue of concordance and oppositions, extremes and excess, connection and disconnection, hopes and despair, leading them to get lost and find each other becoming aware of the invisible links that connect them. 

Duration | 25 min.

Audience | + 10


CHUUUT(e) is a choreographic journey that passes through the real and the absurd grandeur and decadence, evidence, or ignorance, where the spectator will see himself projected beyond the fall to discover what causes us to fall.  An exploration through the fall with 2 dancers, 1 acrobat & 1 musician.

Duration | 45 min.
Young Audience | 5+


OUT OF RANGE is a choreographic creation for 6 dancers that transcribes this idea in motion and challenges the audience to understand and appreciate the richness and depth of human diversity. Creation of the two choreographers, Giovanni Zazzera & Saeed Hani come together with the joint endeavour to develop and collaborate through a creative project based on diversity. By means of their diverse artistic approaches, they will explore the theme in order to build commonality and understand how diversity could be transcribed through the movement.

Duration | 55 min.
Audience | +16 (Nudity)


Logic takes us from point A to point B, imagination takes us everywhere. (Albert Einstein)

In a world governed by rationality, Flowers grow, even in the sand encouraging us to free our imaginations, to get off the beaten track and create new ones. In his play, Giovanni Zazzera invites us through this duet to (re)discover the power of the imagination, which makes anything seem possible, like a flower growing in the sand.

Duration | 20 min.
Audience | all 


performative installation

Through this performative installation project, Choreographer Giovanni Zazzera explores the altered states of consciousness between memory and movement, through a corporeal and sensorial journey.

Drawn from residency research exploring movement under hypnosis, MURMURES aims to capture the essence of this experience, evoking the dancers' letting go, the depth of the experience, and the resulting freedom of bodily expression, in a journey through a visual and sound installation space.

Duration | 20 min.
Audience | all age
Venues | Performance stages/halls/museums/various indoor & covered spaces.


(new creation 2025)

LABYRINTH is a new creation by choreographer Giovanni Zazzera in artistic collaboration with author/actor Fabio Godinho and visual artist Marco Godinho.
LABYRINTH explores the intricacies of the brain, delving into the complexities of memory. The one that builds us, shapes our identity, creates our memories, freezes our convictions, the one that makes us wrong, remembers us, preserves the innumerable pieces of information perceived in our lives, and composes the map of our perception of the world. Without it, we'd be lost in a vast nothingness.
Set in motion by 4 dancers, this creation blends dance, textual poetry, sound, and images, activating our senses through the body's words.

Duration | 60 min.
Audience | all age



The choreographic project CREDERE / NEGARE & (DI)SPERARE is part of a trilogy that forms a choreographic ensemble exploring a journey on the subject of the conditioning of human belief. These three choreographic tableaux can be presented individually or together in the same evening, thanks to the common thread of their subject that links them together.

United, these three projects invite spectators to travel through 3 unique tableaux, tinged with distinct and varied universes, yet linked by their common subject. 

The Triptych can be performed in the same venue or preferably in three different ones, thus creating an interactive event, inviting the spectator to get involved and discover the three proposals in three different spaces.
Duration | 140 min. (with or without intermission

Audience | +16 (Nudity)